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Pacing and racing strategies

There is a common misconception that one should apply approximately the same effort throughout a triathlon. Nothing could be further from the truth. There is good science behind several reasons why modifying effort over the entire race, and particularly adapting effort for the based upon the terrain or conditions, can result in faster times with decreased energy expenditure. Both biomechanics and the physics of fluid dynamics dictate how we should apply our effort within triathlons. Doug firmly believes that these understandings have enabled him to frequently outperform better triathletes. He helps clients to understand and apply these strategies.

More to come.....

                            "Is the race nearly over?"

                 "What's the best way to pace this race?"

How I race - by Doug Clark

I think some people make things way too complicated. For the most part, on the run leg of a triathlon I can be found with:
  • No socks
  • No hat (except IM)
  • No watch (except IM)
  • No race belt (that's a long story, involving pins, bands, rolled up numbers and fast transitions)
  • No fuel belt
  • No heart rate strap
  • No sunglasses
  • No compression anything
... more of this stuff to be added later