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GPS uploads

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You can upload routes from or  google-maps to a simple Garmin wristwatch, which will interactively show the route/directions during the ride/run.

A lot of folk have asked me how this is done, so here are some directions. This works for Garmin 205/305/310XT etc and some Timex's.

Create a .crs file

Using mapmyrun/
Find or Create a route
Select Route -> Save-to-Garmin-CRS

Using google maps:
One time only: Copy the following url into a bookmark/favourite on your browser (this is NOT a page that you navigate to directly, it's just a script that you'll run from google-maps:

(Depending on your browser, this might not be easy. The best way may be to bookmark something else, then right-click on that bookmark, select "Properties", then change the name to something like CRS Script" and change the url to the above script name).

Now create a route using google maps, exploiting the drag and drop features to tailor your route.
When the map is how you want it, with the google map still open simply click on the new bookmark that you made earlier. A page will appear with the collated route information. Click on "Generate Garmin File". Then click on the text below and copy it (on a PC do Ctrl-A, then Ctrl-C).
The file is in the computer's copy buffer. Open up a text editor (On a PC do Start -> Programs - Accessories -> Notepad) and paste the buffer into a new file. Save the file as something like, being careful on a PC to ensure that "save as type" is set to *.*, not *.txt).

Upoad from Garmin Training Center to the GPS device:


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