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This page describes how to interpret workouts that I supply. 

a) 3x300 w/u Each 300 includes 100 no free and 100 choice drill  
b) 8x50 on 45 build 50% -> sprint
c) 8x50 on 55 One breath in 1st 25, flipturn+catchup back
d) 16x25 on 30 Sprint, every 4th one is fly or breast
e) 8x100 on 1:20 Build 1->4, 5->8. 5&8 are FAST
f) 16x25 BTTW on 25
g) 200 c/d Inc 100 touch hip->shoulder->head
Time=53:20 Dist=3500

a) 3x300 yds (or m, if workout times are set accordingly) warmup, straight swim inc 100 of stroke other than freestyle, and 100 of any drill you deem choose (eg catchup, fists, hip-shoulder-head, one arm, DPS, fingertip drag etc). Start next set on next top of clock, but ensure you get at least 30s rest
b) 8 x 50 yds going every 45s building from 50% effort to full sprint within each 50
c) 8 x 50 yds going every 55s, only taking one breath in the first 25, then flipturn + do catchup drill on the 2nd 25
d) 16 x 25 yds going every 30s, flat out Sprint, every 4th one is butterfly or breaststroke
e) 8 x 100 yds going every 1:20, building the effort between the 1st and 4th 100, then repeating, so the 5th and 8th 100s are fast
f) 16 x 25 yds Flat Out going every 25s
g) 200 yd cool down within which, include 100 yds of touching hip->shoulder->head with each hand on each stroke
Total time, if you go on the next top of the clock (ie seconds hand at 0) but ensuring you get at least 30s rest = 53:20 (I've written software to calculate this)
Total distance including warm up = 3500 yds

Example: Erg, 10min ramp w/u, 20 min @ 250W hi rpm, 4x7/3 Threshold/L2 RPE, 5 min c/d
Indoor trainer ride in Erg mode (see note below). 10 minute warmup ramping from EZ to steady, then 20min at 250W (an appropriate power for the given athlete), at high revs per minute, then straight into 4 hard 7 minute efforts at Threshold RPE (see note below) with a 3 minute recovery in L2 RPE, (ie not goofing off, this isn't just a spin). End with a 5 minute cool down.

Example: 2ml w/u, optional stretch/drills, 4x800/300 (neg spl within each 800 at ~5k effort, sub 8s recovery), 4x400/200 2-3s/400 faster than the 800s, 4 x strides, 1 ml c/d
2 mile warm up run, after which optionally perform some stretching and a choice of drills, then 4 x 800m at 5k race effort with a 300m recovery run. Negative split each 800 (2nd lap faster than first) and keep recovery to under 8min/ml pace. Then 4 x 400m with 200m recovery, 400s to be faster than the average for the 800s. Then 4 sets of strides, ie 100m at approx 400-600m race pace with extremely good form, with a 300m recovery jog. 1 mile cool down.

Other acronymns and terms:
BTTW: Balls to the wall: An old pilot's term: "Particularly hard", as fast as you can go
DPS: Distance per stroke
OW: Open Water (ocean,lakes, rivers etc)
Erg: Ergometer mode- Indoor bike trainer mode where you dial in the power, and the trainer keeps you at that power regardless of cadence.
EZ: Easy    
RPE: Rate of Perceived Exertion
Strides: ~100m at approx 400-600m race pace with extremely good form, with a 200-300m recovery jog