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Let's start with how I seem to be the only triathlete who doesn't have to put their head down to check their power/speed/HR:

This is done with 5 zip ties, an old spoke, a Garmin removable clip, and a nail between the allen key fittings of the gear levers.

Being able to see the power data so easily helps me apply my efforts more evenly:

I frequently get asked how I've placed a bottle between the aero bars without using one of the big ugly generic adapters that you can buy.
You need to get creative with zip ties and preferably with a bottle with a large thin surface area. Don't be afraid to drill a couple of holes in the bottle cage.

Here's my indoor bike trainer. Ugly but effective. Computrainer, Powercranks, big ugly fan, three remote control holders, easy access water bottle on the head tube, paper towel holder, what else do you need?

I feel like I'm the only guy in NJ riding a winter road bike with full length fenders. It takes a little bit of jury rigging to fit them to a modern close-clearance road frame but it can be done...

Finally, here's a great tip for something to put in your training bike's toolkit, courtesy of  Pez Cycling News:
Cut the end off a valve cap, and hang on to the threaded piece. If your CO2s run out during a ride, or your pump breaks, and all you can find are gas stations with Schrader valves, the half valve cap serves as a great Presta-to-Schrader valve converter.