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From LL:
You are a great coach in so many ways.

From RF:

Can't thank you enough. Put together an almost perfect race.  Great swim and bike and an overall good run. Started hammering from 18-22.5 and it caught up with me for a mile and a half. Last 1.7 miles were ok and finished strong. 
Transitions were a blast- made up a few min easily. 
Nutrition plan was flawless too- may start the coke a bit earlier next time too. 

From JC:
I think today was a reflection of your superb coaching ability. Thanks for everything. You should be really proud of your success today as well.  

From KO:
Just wanted to say a big thank you for everything this year and in particular helping me achieve my main goal in WC qualification. I know it would not have happened without your daily guidance.

Post marathon feedback 11/17/13:
Your plan was so on spot it was scary. Thanks again for everything.

I am thrilled to be going to Kona, and absolutely could not have done it without you. 

...In need of a coach. Heard amazing things about you...

On being a triathlon-announcer while fighting cancer:
Having him be the voice today was like having Mike Riley call you home at the Ironman finish line! Can't wait till we're announcing his name on the podium again:)