Doug Clark is keen to share his proven knowledge of how to plan a training schedule, train effectively with limited time and execute races with optimal strategy.

Having at some point in his life been very mediocre in all three sports, he has combined a wealth of experience (46 overall wins from over 140 starts and no DNFs or penalties), a thirst for knowledge and a technical background so as to be able to achieve extensive success in the sport with a minimum of training, while giving priority to his family and his job as a Digital Signal Processing Software Engineer.

His results and the effort applied (average over the year) are shown below:

 Hours per week Results

 2014  9 USAT National Short-Course Triathlon Age-Group Champion for 7th consecutive year, Milwaukee WI
ITU World Short-Course Triathlon Championship, Edmonton Canada, 2nd Age Group by 14s
USAT National Long-Course Triathlon Age-Group-Champion & 4th Overall - Grand Rapids MI
Princeton 70.3, NJ. Age Division winner, 2nd amateur overall, 1:20:34 run.
USAT National Long-Course Duathlon Championship, Cary NC - 2nd AG
NJ State Triathlon - (Olympic) - NJ State Champion, (3rd Elite overall).
Lincoln Park Triathlon - Overall Winner, New Course Record
Randolph Triathlon - Overall Winner

 2013  9 US National Short-Course Masters Champion for 6th consecutive year. 8th Overall. (Milwaukee)
Age Division winner - Eagleman 70.3 (Hawaii Ironman & 70.3 Worlds Qualification)
Age Division winner - Syracuse 70.3 (70.3 Worlds Qualification)
Age Division winner - Timberman 70.3 (70.3 Worlds Qualification)
2nd Overall - Jerseyman Triathlon Elite Wave
WTC 45-49 70.3 World Rankings - First (of 7212 athletes)
USAT 45-49 Rankings - First (of 3895 athletes)
2012 9

US National Short-Course Masters Champion for 5th consecutive year (the only person under 55 to ever sweep an age group). 8th Overall.
NJ State Olympic Triathlon - Elite wave - Overall Winner
Jerseyman Triathlon Elite Wave - Overall winner
Skylands Triathlon Elite Wave - Overall winner
New York City Triathlon Elite Wave - 2nd Overall
Age-graded run performance lifetime PR of 85.2% (34:19 10k @ 43.9)
 2011 10 US National Short-Course Champs - 4th Overall, 1st Master plus award for best performance of the event.
4 overall triathlon wins plus 1 duathlon.
1 hour swim lifetime PR (4950 yd, 1:12/100 yd)
Half marathon lifetime PR (1:15:14)
10k triathlon run lifetime PR (34:02)
 2010  10 ITU World Short-Course Champs (Budapest, 1.5/40/10k) - 5th Overall, 1st American overall, fastest overall bike split.
US National Short-Course Champs - 2nd Overall, 1st Master, fastest overall bike split.
Two Overall Olympic Distance triathlon wins (Wilkes Barre PA, North East MD).
Hawaii Ironman World Championships 9:26:26.
1650yd pool swim PR of 18:47.
 2009 11 Hawaii Ironman Age Group World Champion
USAT Masters Athlete Of The Year
"Inside Triathlon" Masters Athlete Of The Year
ITU World Short-Course (Australia, 1.5/40/10k) Champs - 2nd Master, 1st American overall
US National Short-Course Masters Champion
Eagleman 70.3, 1st Master
New York City Triathlon, 2nd Elite Amateur
 2008 8 US National Short-Course Masters Champion
5 overall triathlon wins including 2 Half-Iron from 6 starts
 2007 6 3 overall triathlon wins
 2006 8
4 overall triathlon wins


Amateur athletes are occasionally drug tested by USADA. Doug has been tested twice, once after the US National Triathlon Championships and an Out-Of-Competition test (extremely rare for an Age-Grouper) prior to the 2010 Hawaii Ironman. Both were clean. Doug shares this information in order to raise awareness that even Age-Groupers can be tested.


You never know what curve balls life can throw at you....
In November 2014 Doug was found to have a malignant brain tumor, which was surgically removed in 2 5-hour surgeries by the incredible staff at Overlook Hospital NJ, after which he started radiation, chemotherapy and Physical Therapy. In May 2015 a new more aggressive Stage-4 tumor was found.

Doug is extremely grateful to the following:
          • Dr Yaron Moshel and the Neurology team at Overlook Hospital NJ
          • Dr Andrew Willis and his Team at Tri-County Ortho in Morristown NJ for fixing a badly fractured shoulder suffered in a grand-mal seizure when the tumor presented itself.
          • David's Dream And Believe - assisting NJ families affected by cancer diagnosis
          • John Williams of Modern Athlete in Florham Park, for his support, and for organizing the Team Bloke 5k, not to mention John & Gary Rosenburg's gardenstateraces.com
          • Team Inspiration
          • Sport Physiologist Frederic Petit of Mendham NJ
          • Drs Phil Sherratt and RK Swayampakula for their help in researching appropriate clinical trials and other options open to Doug.
          • Drs Neil Morganstein, Louis Schwartz & Michael Gruber at Overlook Hospital NJ
          • Stomp The Monster for its support of cancer sufferers and their families
          • Bill Denver and Suzanne Cozine for their support in ensuring essential medications were able to be made available
          • The support of his great friends and family, in particular his wife Hillary. Friends in town and the local Triathlon community were very supportive, Doug even received messages of support from Matt Reed, Dave Scott, Spencer Smith and USAT CEO Rob Urbach.
          • The good fortune to be in good fitness when the disease occurred. Coming off an AG win with a 1:20 run at the Princeton 70.3 he was in training for a 2:4x Philly Marathon when the rug was pulled from under his feet and feels like his endurance has helped battle the recovery and two 5 hour brain surgeries.
          • Doug isn't a big social-media guy but his brain posts updates of its own at: https://twitter.com/dougsbrain

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